NO SIGNAL is an installation that immerses us in the world of cam girls. The installation combines drawing, video projection, NFT and sound. There are 12 different drawings.

NO SIGNAL – Studio view – 2023

Cam girls are women who display their bodies on web platforms in exchange for payment. On the website, cam girls sit in a bedroom or living room, chat with web users and show off their bodies by playing with the Lush connected sex toy. The famous sex toy is recognizable by its shape and neon pink color. The sex toy can be interfaced with camming sites, so users can pay to take control of the cam girl’s sex toy remotely.

NO SIGNAL – Drawing ; Schematic ; Studio view – 2023

The installation combines :

A drawing on paper illuminated by a video projector. The drawing is a nude taken from a cam girl on website. The drawing is lit by a pico projector mounted on a tripod. The blue light, installed by default in the video projector, reveals certain features of the drawing and reinforces the contrasts. The tripod-mounted projector is a nod to camming cameras. The inscription “No signal”, also installed by default on the video projectors, runs through the drawing, hence the title of the project. The format of the drawing (140 x 80 cm) is homothetic to the video streaming window on the camming site.

A vidéo NFT on a 10 inches screen ( 22.1 x 12.5 cm) connected to a Raspberry pi nanocomputer. This is a set located next to the drawing. The NFT is associated with the video of the drawing as it is presented in situ in the exhibition, illuminated by the blue light of the projector and crossed by the message “No signal”.

-A mini-speaker broadcasting the clatter of keyboards, laughter and sighs recorded from camgirl lounges video streams.

NO SIGNAL CEGZ.project Vue d'atelier détail 2023

NO SIGNAL – detail – studio view – 2023