EDEN Stories season 1 – 3615 Gleeden

◊ 23 Minitel screen pages (.VDT)
◊ 23 NFTs (animated GIFS), Tezos blockchain, Objkt.com platform
◊ Installation consisting of a Minitel on a wooden pedestal table and video projection.

Summary: Eden is looking for a man on a Minitel dating site. Little by little, she discovers that she is a character-NFT, evolving between two worlds, that of the Minitel and the blockchains.
→ EDEN Storie Season 1 on objkt.com

Eden Stories is a telematic story comprising several seasons of episodes published online as NFTs. Season 1, 3615 Gleeden, is composed of GIFs based on the Videotex (.VDT) format used for French Minitel from 1980 to 2012.